CMS Drupal: руководство по разработке системы управления сайтом

  • Автор: Вандюк

Книга рассчитана на профессиональных разработчиков веб-сайтов, желающих научиться писать для Drupal собственные модули или разобраться в том, как устроена эта система и как можно эффективно применять уже имеющиеся модули.

Drupal 6 Attachment Views - 2010

The Drupal View modules give you the flexibility and freedom to customize the display of your web site’s content. Defining custom content types is easy; however, it’s also possible to use various content types in a complementary manner on the same page! Attachment displays in Views (also known as Attachment Views), are a way to customize your web site with multiple displays that interact with each other and turn a nice site into a spectacular one.

Drupal 6 Themes

Examines the working of the theme system in Drupal, and the different approaches to working with Drupal themes.

Drupal JavaScript and jQuery

We will have a high-level overview of the Drupal architecture followed by an examination of some key Drupal concepts such as users, blocks, and nodes. From there, we will move on to developers tools and learn about a few utilities that can expedite Drupal JavaScript development.