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  • Год издания: 2010
  • Формат: DJVU

Chapter 1 examines the working of the theme system in Drupal, and the different approaches to working with Drupal themes.

Chapter 2 takes a look at all the various theming options that are available in the default Drupal system. By way of example, we take a default theme and customize it using only the options provided by the system. 

Chapter 3 will cover how the PHPTemplate theme engine works and how you can use this powerful tool. 

Chapter 4 identifies all the themable elements in the Drupal system and tells you where to find the elements together with an explanation of their functions. 

Chapter 5 will cover employing of intercepts and overrides to modify the default styling in your Drupal theme. 

Chapter 6 takes a look at how to implement extensive modifications to a default Drupal theme. This is a hands-on example of the techniques covered in previous chapters. 

Chapter 7 examines how you can build from scratch a new theme employing the PHPTemplate theme engine. 

Chapter 8 takes a look at how the Drupal system enables you to vary the styling between sections, pages or users. 

Chapter 9 covers the styling of forms in Drupal, one of the more complex areas in the system. 

Appendix A is an inventory of the contents of all the stylesheets in the Drupal system. 

Appendix B is a listing of tools and extensions that make your work with themes easier and more efficient.

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