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  • Год издания: 2010
  • Формат: HTML, Windows help

Chapter 1 We will have a high-level overview of the Drupal architecture followed by an examination of some key Drupal concepts such as users, blocks, and nodes. From there, we will move on to developers tools and learn about a few utilities that can expedite Drupal JavaScript development.

Chapter 2 covers the basics on how JavaScript can be used within Drupal 6. We will begin by exploring how JavaScript is included in Drupal pages, and then create our first script for Drupal.

Chapter 3 focuses on jQuery. Initially, we will look at jQuery independently of Drupal, and then we will take a closer look at how jQuery is integrated with Drupal.

Chapter 4 focuses on Drupal Behaviors and the major utility functions provided by drupal.js, which provides functions for behaviors, translation, theming, as well as other utility functions.

Chapter 5 focuses on the translation system in Drupal, and the JavaScript tools that are used in conjunction with that system. We will look at installing and configuring multiple languages using JavaScript functions, and then extracting and translating strings.

Chapter 6 focuses on the JavaScript theming system. We will look at the JavaScript theming module, and examine some of the themes and user interface tools that it provides. We will implement our own template system based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Chapter 7 focuses on the AJAX family of tools. We will learn to use jQuery's built-in AJAX support to get content from Drupal, and also use JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) as a JavaScript-friendly way of sending data from Drupal.

Chapter 8 focuses on module development. We will discuss how modules work, and will learn how to create modules and use them for adding JavaScript features. We will also learn to make our JavaScript available to other modules.

Chapter 9 focuses on advanced topics. We will look at integrating existing Drupal JavaScript tools with our own site design, and then we will see how to extend the JavaScript libraries with the jQuery UI library. We will also extend jQuery's library with our own functions, building a jQuery plug-in in the process.

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