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  • Издательство: PACKT
  • Год издания: 2009
  • Формат: PDF
  • Язык: Английский

Chapter 1: Exploring Your New Joomla! Website covers accessing and navigating the backend or administration interface of a Joomla! website. We will also understand the overall structure and the hierarchy of the content.

Chapter 2: Creating, Editing, and Organizing Content covers the Article Manager, which is used for creating, editing, and organizing content.

Chapter 3: Managing Images and Videos covers the Media Manager. We will learn how to upload and manage audio, video, and images. We also learn how to select the best file formats for our media files.

Chapter 4: Backing Up Your Website covers the backing up and restoring of a Joomla! website in case your site is maliciously attacked or compromised. We'll also outline how to use the JoomlaPack component through the administration interface to create an archive file that can be uploaded and unpacked to restore our website.

Chapter 5: User Management covers the user management system within the administration interface that allows us to effectively manage our website users and their profiles. We will learn to establish and edit new user accounts, manage username and password issues, and deal with problematic users.

Chapter 6: Making Your Site Popular outlines how search engines find websites based on keywords and page descriptions. It also explains how we can apply them to our website and increase the chances of a better ranking in the index page of a search engine result. We also look at some ways we may be able to improve the success of our search engine ranking.

Chapter 7: Security–Recovery and Precaution covers precautions to make it harder for hackers to compromise our website. It explains how to recover from a malicious attack and what to do if your site is exploited

Chapter 8: Menus, Modules, and Components covers applying some of the key components and modules that are a part of the core Joomla! installation, as well as looking at an overview of some third-party extensions such as VirtueMart, JCal Pro, DOCman, and Letterman.

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