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  • Автор: Jen Kramer
  • Издательство: wrox
  • Формат: PDF
  • Язык: Английский

I ENTERED THE WEB WORLD IN 2000,  back when we built web sites in Macromedia Dreamweaver 3,made our navigation buttons as JavaScript-based image rollovers, used tables for layout, and usedthe font tag and spacer GIF images quite liberally throughout our sites.In those days, “weekend web masters” would buy a copy of Microsoft FrontPage on a Friday night,spend the weekend learning the software and con?  guring their web host, and by Monday morning,they were hanging out their shingle as a web professional.

In 2009, our weekend web masters are now Saturday web masters. Call up a hosting company, getthem to buy a domain name for you and set up an open source content management system likeJoomla, click a few buttons, and you’ve got a web site up in a day or less. What’s more, you don’tneed to know any HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, what a web application is, or even what FTP is.

Many of my fellow web designer and web developer friends are shocked by this. What differentiatestheir years of experience from those who just installed Joomla for the ?  rst time yesterday? Whatjusti?  es your higher hourly rate? Actually, those of us who have been in the business for a while know that clicking the buttons is justa part of the process. The more languages you know (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.), the more customiza-tions you can make to the client’s site. But is that all?

We know HTML and CSS and they don’t? We’ve built a dozen Joomla sites beforeand they are on their ?  rst one or two? What about those web ?  rms based overseas who charge ratesthat are so low that we can’t possibly compete here in the United States? They’ve built hundreds ofJoomla sites —   doesn’t that negate the arguments just made?As web developers, we have to get smarter about marketing ourselves and what skillsets we bringto the table to solve our client’s problems. We need to understand what our client does in theirorganization and how they serve their clients in order to understand what technology can do tosolve their problems.

Most technical books cover button-clicking really well. There are dozens of Joomla books that talkabout how to create a poll, create a custom template, and install new extensions.But not one of those books talk about why you should create a poll, what a custom template can dofor you, or how to evaluate an extension before you install it.

Метки: CMS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Joomla!, MySQL
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