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  • Издательство: PACKT
  • Год издания: 2009
  • Формат: PDF
  • Язык: Английский

Chapter 1: Get Started with Flash in Joomla! begins with a discussion on why one should opt for using Flash in Joomla! and what are the benefits of doing this. Next, it introduces us to the different types of Flash objects and various tools that will be useful for developing Flash and Joomla!-based sites.

Chapter 2: Enhance Your Joomla! Content with Flash teaches us how to use Flash-based image slideshows in our Joomla! website and display them at different module positions. As the chapter progresses, we learn to embed Flash animations into articles and finally learn to embed Flash movies at different module positions and within articles.

Chapter 3: Creating Attractive Menus with Flash begins with an introduction to the built-in menu system of Joomla!. It then illustrates the use of two extensions, Flash Floating Menu and Super Web Flash module for Joomla! 1.5, for embedding Flash-based menus into our Joomla! website and also lists a few other extensions.

In Chapter 4: Creating Flash Photo Galleries, we are introduced to the concept of building Flash photo galleries for our Joomla!-based website. This chapter begins with an illustration of the Expose Flash Gallery component and proceeds to the use of the Expose Scroller module and the Expose plugin. Next, we learn to embed a 3D Flash-based photo galley in our website with the help of Ozio Gallery. We also learn how to embed images from Flickr, as well as from our web server, and which of the skins available with Ozio Gallery can be used for doing so. Finally, we learn to use three simpler extensions for embedding Flash photo galleries—New Gallery, Simple Image Flash Gallery, and Dynamic Flash Gallery.

Chapter 5: Flashier than Ever: Maps, Charts, Custom Fonts, Multimedia, and More extends the use of Flash on our Joomla!-based website. Firstly, we learn to build interactive Flash-based maps and charts using the YOS amMap and amChart components respectively. Then the chapter illustrates the use of sIFR with Joomla! for displaying the contents of a Joomla! site in fonts that are not installed on users' computers. The use of the Joomla! Flash Uploader component is also illustrated. Further, the chapter takes us through how to create streaming video sites with the use of the JVideo! components and discusses various extensions for adding an MP3 player on your Joomla! website.

Chapter 6: Flash Decorations: Flashy Templates, Headers, Banners, and Tickers deals with using Flash templates for decorating our website with Flash logos, headers, banners, and tickers. In this chapter, we are introduced to the two ways of showing Flash objects in a Joomla! site, namely, by embedding the Flash object in a Joomla! template showing it permanently on a Joomla! website and by using a suitable module. Furthermore, the use of Joomla! modules like FlexHeader3 and Web Flash Joomla! for displaying Flash objects is also discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 7: Playing with Code focuses mainly on the issue of how we embed Joomla! content into a Flash site, which is exactly the opposite of what has been done in the previous chapters, using the J-AMFPHP component. In this chapter, we also take a look at some of the accessibility issues and ways to address these issues.

Chapter 8: Troubleshoot Your Applications deals with the most common problems with Joomla!, Flash, and the Joomla! extensions that have been discussed in this book. Besides pointing to the probable solution for such problems, the chapter also provides references to relevant websites and forums that can prove to be helpful in solving problems.

Appendix: Resources for Joomla! and Flash gives you a list of some more resources that can be useful for using Flash with Joomla!. Firstly, it shows some resources for Joomla!, and then it lists some Flash extension-specific resources.

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